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Jay Khialani says

“Must use multiple of herbs to ensure good oral eco-system”

Even people who look after their teeth suffer dental problems. Why? Unhealthy oral eco-system!

All our toothpaste contain 10 herbs

that help with healthy mouth eco-system

Experts say

“Must remove plaque daily”

Plaque is invisible to the eye

Can you see the plaque in picture? (Where the pick is)

To SEE plaque, we need

Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste (PDT)

stains plaque pink

∞ use at NIGHT

25g = 3 months supply

∞ natural whitening

one drop per use only

∞ developed with Health     Promotion Board, S’pore

Shows Plaque

Shiny Teeth

How it Works

tools and methods

Experts say

“Must brush teeth & gums at 45*”

Not easy to get that 45* angle



Then how?

Make life simple

just change your toothbrush

B45 Brush

automatically gets your

45* angle-

designed in




B 45

B45 Brush    Normal Brush

45* angle brush

longer center bristles

3 in 1 bristles

reduce gum recession

very fast clean

stand alone design

DuPont tynex bristles

recycle as suction dart


It has deeply improved my gum hygiene and I'm elated to share this piece of good news with everyone! I not only resolved my dental problems but am also provided alternatives for me to achieve good oral hygiene. Overall great satisfaction with the product!  Justin Tan, Singapore

Love how my teeth feel really clean and how it gets rid of the plague even in places that are usually hard to clean when brushing our teeth Crystal Hong, S’pore

It exceeded my expectations, will definitely recommend to others Sherwinder Gill,

This product is really awesome! It keeps my teeth white and I don't have to worry about limiting my tea or coffee consumption, that will stain my teeth.

Karine Lau, S’pore

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Shows Plaque                                      Shiny Teeth

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So HOW do we Solve Dental Problems?

We need to STOP the root causes!

LATEST research has shown

flossing not needed, Brush at 45*, clear plaque daily.

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