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As a Reseller You like our products and programs.  You wanna share it with others.  Join Us

Reseller Program:

Small start up investment - from S$90

Sell the products and collect S$150

Three months Money Back Guarantee* (T&C apply)

This program is available to all people aged 16 and above.

Some ideas on how to Resell.

1. In your neighborhood - Ask the neighbors in your estate if they would enjoy to Solve Dental Problems with clean and healthy teeth - only $15 for 3 months supply. Give them your contact so they can re-order more from you. In the long run, you have an income that runs without too much effort

2. Flea market stalls - When you come across an opportunity to sell products via a stall at a flea market (usually $20). If you sell 4 sets, you break even. Sell more and make money. Remember to give your buyers your contact so they can order more from you.

*If within 3 months, you find this is not for you and you have stock balance in good condition, you can return the balance stock and collect a refund AFTER deducting full price of sold goods.

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