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It has deeply improved my gum hygiene and I'm elated to share this piece of good news with everyone! I not only resolved my dental problems but am also provided alternatives for me to achieve good oral hygiene. Overall great satisfaction with the product!  Justin Tan, Singapore

Love how my teeth feel really clean and how it gets rid of the plague even in places that are usually hard to clean when brushing our teeth Crystal Hong, S’pore

It exceeded my expectations, will definitely recommend to others Sherwinder Gill,

This product is really awesome! It keeps my teeth white and I don't have to worry about limiting my tea or coffee consumption, that will stain my teeth.

Karine Lau, S’pore

I used to have very sensitive teeth and none of the commercial products helped. Now I can eat ice cream without pain. Linda Gouw, Singapore,

I smoke 2 packs  of cigarettes a day but I am very particular about  my teeth. I love the products cos my teeth stay clean and white. I can’t go back to the commercial stuff anymore Thanks!  Daryl Scott, S’pore

I used to have stains between my teeth due to smoking. When I visited my dentist recently, he noted that unlike before, there was no need for a cleaning or any cavities. With commercial products, I used to have to fill up cavities every six months. Anthony Chua, Singapore,

I had many white spots on my teeth due to the fluoride toothpastes and water I drank. Every since I switched over to Solve Dental Problems products, the white spots on my teeth (fluorosis)  have gone down. Add to that, using the Plaq Away toothbrush, I am able to remove debris between my teeth and have not had to floss my teeth since. Also, I no longer have canker sores or mouth ulcers which used to be very common before I switched. Jasmine Wong, Canada

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